How to play UK49s lotto game and win?

The UK49s teatime lottery is as same as several other lotteries available on the internet. Here are simple steps for you to play 49s lotto game that includes:

For playing this 49s teatime lottery, you want to draw the six numbers at first and one booster number from more of 1 to 49 numbers.

It fully based on you, whether you wish to play a 6 number draw or a 7 number draw.

You can either select your own numbers or allow a lucky dip for those numbers randomly for you.

The draw of seven numbers includes a booster ball, which improve your possibilities of winning a lottery.

The price of prize money and bet on UK49s

The cost of every bet at either teatime or lunchtime is Euro 1. For the draws of six numbers, these are chosen and if any one of chosen numbers matches the winning numbers, then the prize of winning is Euro 7. Also if the same takes place in seven numbers draws of UK49, then it is Euro 6. For matching the two winning numbers in a six number draw, then the prize is Euro 54 and for the draw of seven numbers, it is Euro 39. The winning prize for three numbers are matching with winning numbers is Euro 601 for a six number draw.

However, the lotto draw of UK49 is truly a different kind of lottery. You are going to look into the information of what sets the UK49s apart from any other lotteries available now. There are three essential factors that make this UK49 special such as a cost to play UK49s, prize divisions of UK49s and draw frequency of UK49s. The major difference is that the national lottery draws takes place one or two times or probably three times per week.