Know All About Hand Analysis in Online Rummy

Among all card games, rummy is a game of glorious uncertainties, right from the initial meld of cards till the final winner. Nobody has any control over what cards they will get, sometimes they are favourable while sometimes they are bad. But you do have control from what happens after you have got your cards. Do you know, the game begins at this moment, even before the first move is made? Players analyse the hand they are dealt with and decide the next course of action.

Hand analysis is important in 10 cards or any other rummy online variant, because you have to decide whether to play or to take a drop and can calculate your chances of winning. This helps in planning your strategies and which moves to make. You could get any of the following hands, know them, identify the hand you’ve got, plan accordingly:

Dream or Perfect Hand

As the name suggests, it has all the cards available for you to win the game. You need just a couple of minutes and a couple of moves to re-arrange your cards in proper sequences and sets, and then make a valid show. The chances of getting this hand is extremely rare. You need to be highly observant to guess this hand, because new players and even experienced players sometimes declare in haste and lose by getting a points penalty. Make the most of your chance when you get this hand.

Winning Hand

In this hand, you get cards which are not exactly like the dream hand, but good enough to win the game. If you get a pre-made set or sequence, a joker card, and a combination with one hand missing, then you have got a winning hand. To make the remaining sets/sequences, you need just few moves and some re-arrangements. If you don’t have a pure sequence, go for it first, and the rest moves will be done easily for you to win.

Good Hand

If, in the cards that you have got, there is one or two jokers, then you have got a good hand. In this hand, there won’t be any pre-made sets or sequences, but because of the presence of jokers, you should find it easy to meld cards into proper sets/sequences to win the game. Device strategies and tricks to complete the game before others. Proceed gradually from a pure sequence, and if you have 2 sequence cards, complete the hand using a joker.

Difficult Hand

Your rummy game skills and understanding of the game will be tested if you get this hand. Here, you will have to discard many cards in the beginning, but it is still possible to win, esp. if you get joker cards in moves. To win with a difficult hand, you need a good amount of practice. Players go for a middle-drop only if they aren’t getting desired cards in moves or unable to form sets/sequences. But a smart player will avoid even that situation.

Weak Hand

Every player wants to stay away from a weak hand. It is a nightmare situation as there is no joker or matching cards involved. A weak hand has many high-value cards and it takes a lot of time to form sets/sequences and declare. The chances of getting this hand is very low. Even if you get a weak hand, it is advised to do a drop and lose by a smaller margin in the beginning than by a bigger margin later. Only the very experienced players take their chances with this hand, that too on lower tables.

You will get any combination of cards, but more or less, your hand could be from any one of above. To taste success in Indian rummy, master the art of hand analysis. It is recommended to play practice games for this purpose. At KhelPlay Rummy, you get to play unlimited practice games for Free! You are given 10,000 Free chips and even if you use them all, you get 10,000 chips again! Register on KhelPlay Rummy, start playing online rummy and ace the hand analysis.