LLC’s in California

LLC’s are very popular in California. The question is: Which businesses seem to thrive the most, and how can I form one in the state? Here we will go through a variety of different businesses that would succeed in California and give a quick overview of how you can start one. 

Although there are numerous business structures that can be made profitable, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) remains one of the most popular ones. There are many reasons for this including the relative ease with which the company can be started. In California especially, a business-friendly state, LLC’s are numerous in number. 

What are some of the most popular trending business ideas in California?

If you have a personal and vested interest in a particular industry then, with time and effort, you should be able to make the business succeed. However, there are specific business trends that could be beneficial. These are skate shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, mobile bartending services, hydroponics stores, escape room businesses, and bubble tea businesses. 

Skate Shop:

In the mid-1940s, the skateboarding culture became apparent. In the modern-day and age, skateboarding is synonymous with artistic expression, a sense of comradery, social networking, and an appreciation for the notion of Mother Earth. It is a popular pastime in the modern age, and yet the skating circle continually requires positive role models who are able, and willing, to continually transfer the values and traditions that the skateboarding culture is known for.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: 

This is an interesting and novel business idea that has all of the potentials for a uniquely successful business. These businesses legally buy marijuana, and then sell it to patients with doctor’s approval. It is required that the board of directors include a doctor to make sure that patient treatment standards are strictly upheld. Their well-trained staff are continuously taught more about the different strains and types of cannabis and how they can be used in medicine. Some of the forms of cannabis include vapor, tinctures, balms, oils, juices, and edibles. This business tends to offer clients a substitute for prescription painkillers and other drugs which have been shown to have negative side-effects in the long run. 

Mobile Bartending:

The forte of the mobile bartender is that they are able to travel to several locations where they are able to erect their business anywhere the event co-ordinator or client needs them. There are distinctive services that may be delivered by the mobile bartending company – some require the client to stock the alcohol and wine whereas others give everything that the client might need, including alcohol, signature drinks, glassware, and workers.  

Hydroponics Store:

This is an exciting field with endless possibilities. A hydroponics store grows plants without having to use soil. It is growing in popularity with many gardeners because it introduces the possibility of growing plants that they otherwise would not have been able to. This type of gardening requires specialized equipment and supplies and this is the purpose of the Hydroponics stores. It is speculated that the industry has an annual revenue of $654 million and has been increasing at a rate of over 8%. This is a brilliant opportunity because it has not been overly exposed.

Escape Room Business: 

This business involves giving a space to clients where they are able to engage in various in-demand escape games. The games have an average duration of one hour including the time where instructions are provided. The games are generally completed by teams who need to solve puzzles together in order to get out of the room. The businesses tend to have more than one game room and the clients pay per game. Often, private games are organized privately and rented out to those clients. 

Bubble Tea Business:

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that is well-known and well-liked throughout Asia, but has increasing potential in the US. It has gained popularity especially amongst millennials and in university environments. Bubble tea is also known as boba tea, boba juice, pearl milk, and bobi. 

Steps to start your LLC: 

Should you decide that one of these (or your own) ideas are a good fit for an LLC that you want to form, here is a breakdown of the necessary steps:

  1.     Choose a name. 
  2.     Decide on a Registered Agent in California.
  3.     File the California Articles of Organization. 
  4.     File the Initial Statement of Information.
  5.     Create an Operating Agreement. 
  6.     Get an EIN. 

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