Madden Ultimate Team receives a new Free Agency Promo

Following the conclusion of the NFL season, Madden players can now take advantage of Madden Ultimate Team’s new Free Agency Promotion. This promotion allows users to collect very good letters from J.J Watt and Dak Prescott, including their master items.

Both players have a special option so you can get the most out of it from the chemistry point of view. In addition, new missions, challenges and rewards have also been added that can be unlocked within MUT.

The Madden NFL 21 Free Agency promotion has added two new 98-point OVR cards. One of them is from former Houston Texans player J.J Watt, while the other belongs to Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.

The main attributes of Watt’s card are 99 points of play recognition, 98 points of strength, 98 points of tackling, 97 points of power moves and 95 points of block shedding. In addition, the player has the Run Stopper Archetype if you are going to use it in the Left End position on your MUT team.

On his part, Dak Prescott has very good skills both in the real world and in Madden NFL 21, which is why he got a very good financial agreement to sign his renewal with the Dallas Cowboys.

The player has as his main attributes his 98 points of short accuracy, 97 points of medium accuracy, 97 points of running and 90 points of speed. You can use this player with any team for your chemistry, beyond he decided to stay with the Cowboys for the next seasons.

How to get these cards?

The best way to add these cards to your team is by purchasing them at the in-game Auction House. Of course, these cards have a very high value since they have very good attributes, but buying them here will always be safer than spending a lot of credits on packs and relying on luck.

If you don’t have enough coins, remember that you can always buy Madden Coins online at muteamgo with real money. A small investment is enough to significantly improve your team, so you won’t need to spend a large amount of money to get what you want.

Finally, new rewards have also been added depending on the number of stars you can earn in the challenges. You have a chance to receive a 96 OVR NAT Fantasy Pack if you manage to get 100 stars or more. Check it out:

10 Stars – 1,000 Coins

20 Stars – 1,000 Coins

30 Stars – 1,000 Coins

40 Stars – 1,000 Coins

50 Stars – 87 OVR Free Agency Player

60 Stars – 1,000 Coins

70 Stars – 1,000 Coins

80 Stars – 1,000 Coins

90 Stars – 1,000 Coins

100 Stars – 96 OVR NAT Fantasy Free Agency Pack

110 Stars – 2,000 Coins

120 Stars – 2,000 Coins

130 Stars – 2,000 Coins

140 Stars – 5,000 Coins

150 Stars – 5,000 Coins

160 Stars – 5,000 Coins.

Madden NFL 21 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The game is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and EA Play subscribers on Xbox Consoles and PC.

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