Make Holi Celebration More Colourful by Playing Rummy Games

Holi is here, and the festival of colours can get more interesting this time with fun games. You can choose from a list of indoor games to pep up the after-celebration party with your folks. Nothing can perk up mood like a rummy game with family and friends post playing with water and colours. You can relax, communicate, and socialize even more with others while playing cards.

So, let us know how Indian Rummy can add more zing to Holi festivity this year:

  1. Gather People for Activity

After playing with Holi colours, many may want to return home or go elsewhere. Other may stay back for further celebration. Or, return during the event time, the interested people may join in. You must have an idea about number of people who know how to play rummy, and wish to play the game. So, prepare a list of individuals who wish to attend the gather and plan accordingly.

  1. Plan for the Venue

To successfully launch an event requires a venue. In online rummy, you can play on the web or app by inviting people to the platform. In traditional gaming, you need to finalize on a place. It can be someone’s house, terrace of an apartment or building, front room or common space where everyone can get together and comfortably play the game.

  1. Narrow Down a Theme

Think about the theme for the gathering. The theme ‘colours’ could be a perfect match. You can request each member to wear colourful clothing. To create a good ambiance, you can include retelling of mythological stories around the Holi festival. This will excite people even more and prepare them to take on activities for the evening.

  1. Grab Event Ideas

To make for an ultimate rummy experience, you need to know what to include for the Holi function. For instance, how many individuals will participate at a time on a table. How the decoration of the place will be like? Who will host for the audience? Will there be any other indoor activities between playing cards? If playing for prize, then who will monitor the game, etc.

  1. Arrange for Logistics

After finalizing on the event idea, you must ensure to have the logistics in place. For instance, how many decks of cards you will need. Will the event include free rummy or a participation fee to pool in for the prize amount for winners? What about food and beverages? If the function’s venue is elsewhere, then the management of transport, and likewise.

  1. Decide the Rewards

Ensure there is transparency in the games. Everyone should follow the rummy rules for smooth playing. This will keep everyone happy and satisfied. So have volunteers who will manage the Holi event and know the game thoroughly. Also, decide on the prizes and rewards. Do you wish to include cash prize, or gifts? Or do you want to give out coupons, any other benefits?

To Conclude

After the party gets over, it is time to wrap up the function peacefully. You can ask the participants to share their experience. Or, you may invite them to talk about how they felt during the entire activity. Celebrations during festivals is a common practice. And Holi is a popular even that attracts every age-group person.

From young to elders, everyone enjoys playing it. Also, there are post-event games and activities to keep the party going on. In such a case, card games are one of the best options to experiment with. These are easy and a multi-player alternative to keep up the spirits of people.