What you should consider when choosing a formation service?

Firstly, what is a formation service? There are online services that can handle the entire business formation process. The services include; the filing of the paperwork on behalf of the respective businesses. The services aid with the formation of Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), S Corporations as well as C Corporations. The services are relatively cost-effective, with the added benefit of utilizing the services of industry experts without having to fork out plenty of money.

Below are the 7 top-ranked service providers for 2020, each with their features:

1.   ZenBusiness

Their services include; they do the business formation, the drafting of biennial or annual reports and ensuring that these are communicated to the respective businesses, assistance with EIN, drafting and finalizing of the operating agreement, providing the services as per the requirements of any registered agent services as well as ensuring that the respective businesses are provided with the best tax filing information and advice.

So why choose ZenBusiness? they provide straightforward business formation packages, they have a knowledgeable and responsive customer support centre, they are highly affordable, positive customer reviews and they also offer an online user dashboard with personal ZenBusiness login.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“ZenBusiness took out any doubt or confusion in what I had to do. I definitely see myself using their services again.”

2.   Rocket Lawyer

Their services include; they offer free incorporation services, they offer a registered agent services package that is valid for one year and they also offer legal services that include easy to use contracts and documents and they answer promptly to all legal questions, they also offer consultations with business lawyers and more importantly they have a wide range of exclusive discounts available.

So why choose Rocket Lawyer? They offer value for your money as well as peace of mind for any legal issues that may arise in the future.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“If you’re looking to start a business and looking for a reputable business to do so, I would totally recommend ZenBusiness. In addition, they have great customer service and get everything done fast! I have registered two businesses with them and totally recommend them!”

3.   Incfile

Their services include; a one year Registered Agent Services, they offer free shipping, clients are also able to do real-time order tracking and clients also have access to an online dashboard comprising Compliance tools.

So why choose Incfile? They provide excellent customer support, their formation services include drafting and finalizing of the operating agreement, assistance with EIN as well as registered agent services.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“I am very satisfied with the services I received from Incfile. My business has been using this service for 3years, keeping me updated on all facets pertaining to business. Easy access to my account. Overall a great asset to my business”.

4.   Northwest

Their services include; a years’ free Registered Agent Services, plenty of industry experience ensuring to provide a personal touch as well as great customer support.

So why choose Northwest? They will see to the drafting and finalizing of the Operating Agreement and will ensure compliance through Registered Agent Services.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“While they don’t have a massive volume of customer feedback like some of their competitors, the reviews online are mostly positive”.

5.   MyCompanyWorks

Their services include; after the formation process they have a startup Wizard to aid with this formation, they also offer next day processing for all important documents as well as personalized Organizational meeting minutes and corporate bylaws.

So why choose MyCompanyWorks? They have the highest customer reviews ratings and a vast majority of the customers are highly satisfied with their services.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“Dummy proof, The stuff is super nice and helpful.”

6.   LegalZoom

Their services include; they file all formation documents with the state, they offer a LegalZoom peace of mind review as well as a one-to-one customer support base.

So why choose LegalZoom? They offer legal and accounting services for their clients.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“Everything about LegalZoom is on the money. Made set up really easy and doable.

The process was incredibly easy and fast!”

7.   BizFilings

Their services include; a six-months Registered Agent Service for free as well as BizComply compliance monitoring tool and access to an extensive document library.

So why choose BizFilings? Businesses can find valuable and educational content for free on their website and the incorporation package which they have to offer is nicely balanced.

So what do the reviews have to say?

“This company offers online business incorporation services to small business owners”.

Each service provider has their own benefits and features, at the end of the day the decision is still for the business owner to make. Ready to take the next step, click here to start the process and also to gain more insight into the top seven ranked service providers for 2020.