For Children, Will It Be Safe to Use CBD Products?


CBD, as you know, is obtained from marijuana and hemp, and it is available in many different products in the market. CBD is especially not psychoactive, and hence it will not get you high. Therefore it is used for treating several ailments.

I can easily find CBD gummies near me, and if I want to get a good quality of CBD gummies, I can also visit the stores of Just CBD store. However, now the question is, can I offer these gummies to my children?

Doctors usually prescribe Epidiolex, which is FDA approved medicine for treating a few epilepsy conditions found in children.

So far, CBD has not yet been tested thoroughly for effectiveness or safety. Although plenty of research is done about the effectiveness of CBD, especially for controlling seizure, still much is unknown to us. Therefore, few parents are comfortable to offer CBD gummies to their children, but few others may not.

What are the different risks of CBD oil use for children?

People have been using Marijuana for many hundreds of years; however, CBD oil is relatively new. Also, it has not been tested extensively, particularly for children, and hence there are no longitudinal studies available about its effects.

It can produce a few side effects like restlessness and sleep issues, which are also similar to conditions that CBD is used for treating.

There is also a chance that CBD can interact with any other medications that your child may be currently taking. Almost like grapefruit, CBD too can interfere with few enzymes required for metabolizing drugs in their system. Therefore, avoid giving CBD products to your child in case they are taking any medicine that has grapefruit warning.

Since CBD oil is at present unregulated, hence it is quite difficult for parents to put complete faith in the CBD related product that they are buying.

Also, one of the studies revealed that there are plenty of labeling inaccuracies among various CBD products. Several products found to be containing less CBD than what is indicated in the label, while a few others had more CBD too.

Things to do while choosing any CBD product

Many companies all around the world are now engaged in manufacturing CBD oil. Hence, for any consumers, there is no easy and simple way to know what exactly is present in any particular product. Here are a few tips that can help you determine a trusted and reputed CBD product:

  1. Try to read the label carefully. Look for the exact amount of CBD for each recommended dose.
  2. Then try to find the place where the CBD product was manufactured. If your CBD products are coming from hemp, then ask if it is grown in organic soil, which is free of all pesticides and toxins.
  3. Also, look for CBD oil, which has undergone 3rd-party testing and also has lab results that you can verify. All these products will provide a certificate of analysis. Ensure that the certificate of analysis has been obtained from a reputed and creditable lab of the USA.